We are delighted to have some great seminars on tap for this year. We have a focus on taking the best care of your yaks and business as possible. We hope you will take time to sit in on as many of these as possible. Check back as we add more seminars.

Humane Yak Handling.Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Temple Grandin is the leading expert on humane animal handling in the world. She has worked to make feedlots and processing plants less stressful to the animal and is famous for reducing the “moo” among cattle–a key stress indicator. She is the subject of the movie, Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes as Grandin. Temple will be talking about keeping your yaks calm and how to move them where you want to go without stressing them. As you all know, a stressed yak is not a cooperative yak.

Dr. Rob Callan and Hoss The Boss

Ranch Readiness for Yaks. Dr. Robert Callan, DVM and Dr. Timothy Holt, DVM
Dr. Callan is a professor at Colorado State University in the Department of Clinical Sciences, head of the Livestock Medicine and Surgery Service, and Chief of Staff for the Large Animal Hospital at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Dr. Holt practiced Veterinary medicine for 18 years in Gunnison, Colorado. For the past 30+ years he has been researching Bovine High Mountain Disease in cattle. Tim teaches at the CSU  Livestock Medicine and Surgery Department.

Dr. Tim Holt tests a bull for bovine high altitude disease

Rob and Tim will be helping us figure out what to have on hand, what facilities are needed for working with yaks, what to do until a veterinarian can get there, and when you can do things yourself versus when you need to call in the vet.



Sustainable Yak Products: Cheese
. Amy Archer, Owner of Laz Ewe 2 Bar Goat Dairy
Amy has been making artisanal yak cheese since 2009 and making goat cheeses for longer.  She will take us through the process of yak milking through cheese making. Unfortunately, her 2017 yak cheese has already sold out.

Genetic Testing in Yaks. Dr Timothy Hardy, Hay Springs Yaks
Dr. Timothy Hardy is a retired mathematics professor and owner of Hay Springs Yaks. Dr. Hardy has served on IYAK’s Genome Committee for the last two years. The International Yak Association (IYAK) has worked with geneticists to map the yak genome and develop a reliable test to determine parentage, degree of cattle introgression and coefficient of inbreeding in yaks. Tim will share the process and benefits of the new genetic testing and what the information could mean for breeders.

What I Wish I Had Known. Grant Pound, Owner of Snowcliff Ranch and VP of IYAK
Grant will talk about the his learning curve in the world of yak breeding and help new yak owners avoid some of the cow pies that he stepped in. From fencing, to vet care, to handling, to breeding strategy, join this discussion for a jumpstart into the the yak world.