Registration Form

We look forward to having your yaks at the Rocky Mountain Yakspo!

Eligible Animals: You are welcome to bring any healthy yak you would like. This is not an IYAK sanctioned event, so the animals do not have to be registered.

All animals have a BVD test and health certificate. We want to make sure healthy animals show up and healthy animals go home.

Fees: Each animal costs $40 to bring to the show and $10 per animal that you wish to be judged. Checks must arrive at Snowcliff Ranch by September 15, 2017.

Snowcliff Ranch
269 Snowcliff Road
Livermore, CO 80536

The Form: Before you fill out the form, it is easier if you have your information ready. Besides the usual stuff we would like the NAYR# if the animal is registered with IYAK, the Date of Birth, and, if you are selling the animal, the price you are asking.


  • Animal Name or TagNAYR # if RegisteredDate of BirthClassInclude in Judging ($10)Price, if for Sale 
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