We look forward to having you and your yaks at the Rocky Mountain Yakspo!

The Location: The Yakspo will be held at The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. The Ranch is located directly adjacent to I-25, just North of Highway 34, in Loveland, Colorado. To reach The Ranch, exit I-25 at Crossroads Blvd., Exit 259. Travel East 1 mile to Fairgrounds Avenue (County Road 5) and go North to the entrance. The yaktivities will take place in the Ranchway Western Pavillion. Directions

Who to Bring: You are welcome to bring any healthy yak you would like. This is not an IYAK sanctioned event, so the animals do not have to be registered. We do ask that animals have a BVD test and health certificate (bring the health certificates with you–you will need them to unload). We want to make sure healthy animals show up and healthy animals go home. Hybrid animals will be labeled as such so that vistors are not confused. Tame animals will have an area where they can be tied out for visitors.


Judging: Yaks will be judged in classes and using the IYAK judging criteria. Ribbons will be given, at the discretion of the judge, for the first three places in each class, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Bull, and Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Cow.

Bull Winter Calf (10/1/16-3/30/17)
Heifer Winter Calf (10/1/16-3/30/17)
Bull Spring Calf (4/1/17-6/30/17)
Heifer Spring Calf (4/1/17-6/30/17)
Bull Summer Calf (7/1/17-10/1/17)
Bull Yearling (10/1/15-9/31/16)
Heifer Yearling (10/1/15-9/31/16)
2 Yr. Bull (10/1/14-9/31/15)
2 Yr. Heifer (10/1/14-9/31/15)
Bull (Before 9/31/14)
Cow (Before 9/31/14)

The Set-up: Yaks will be housed in 10 x 10 or 10 X 20 pens with three animals to a pen maximum. You may request a separate pen for an animal such as a bull. You will need to buy your own shavings from the Ranch or bring your own. You will also need to bring your own feed, tack, water buckets, etc. The facilities are set up for easy loading and unloading of animals and you can drive your trailer right up to your pen.

Where to Stay: There is an Embassy Suites right next door to the complex, and three more hotels down by the freeway exit. We have locked in some rooms at the Best Western. Make sure you mention the Rocky Mountain Yakspo to get the reduced rate. Click Here.

There is RV parking available onsite. Contact The Ranch for RV information.

Fees: Each animal costs $40 to bring to the show and $10 for each animal you want to be judged. Checks must arrive at  Snowcliff Ranch by September 15, 2017.

Snowcliff Ranch
269 Snowcliff Road
Livermore, CO 80536

Enter your animals HERE

Who’s Coming?:
Snowcliff Ranch, of course
Rolling Thunder Yak
Pettee Ranch
Bow Creek Ranch
Cold Creek Buffalo Company
Yaks of Coalbank Creek
Hay Springs Yaks
Sheron Prairie Yaks
Sleeping Giant Yaks
Casper Creek Yaks
American White Yaks
Butte Pasture Yak Ranch